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WASTEMASTER FTR Rotary Drum Screens

Robust and reliable


Rotary Drum Screens 1
Rotary Drum Screens 2
Rotary Drum Screens 3
WASTEMASTER FTR is a rotating drum screen designed to combine separation of solids present in effluents with compacting and de-watering of the screenings thus obtained.
Obstacle-free inlet
Obstacle-free inlet
High flow rates
High flow rates
Energy-saving single drive
Energy-saving single drive

Technical Specs


WASTEMASTER FTR is a rotating drum screen designed to combine separation of solids present in the effluent with compacting and de-watering of screenings thus obtained. WASTEMASTER FTR consists of a rotating drum screen basket, a conveyor screw (with self-cleaning SINT drainage liner) and, as an option, a compacting module. WASTEMASTER FTR is a space-saving machine that combines multiple functions in one unit only:
screenings separation, drainage, conveying and de-watering.
Depending on the screen size of the drum and screen mesh dimensions, flow rates of up to 2,000 litres per second can be obtained.
Rotary Drum Screens


The conveyor screw consists of a shaftless spiral which collects the solids from the bottom of the screen conveying them without any risk of clogging.
The compactor in the upper part, equipped with a washing section for diminishing organic fractions, uses the conveyor screw for compacting and de-watering of the screenings.


  • Fabricated parts entirely manufactured from 304 L / 316 L SS
  • Shaftless conveyor screw manufactured from 304 / 316 SS or special high resistance steel
  • Perforated or wedge wire drum screen in various mesh sizes
  • Versatile unit for concrete channel installation
  • No outlet end bearing, no intermediate bearings
  • Solids extraction of up to 15 m3/h
  • Self-supporting drum and extracting screw
  • Single drive unit


  • High flow rates
  • Obstacle-free inlet
  • SINT liner and jagged screw flight for high removal rate with difficult materials such as fibres
  • Single drive unit with low energy consumption


  • Compacting module
  • Tank
  • Perrot valve
  • Overflow
  • Screen basket mesh
  • Support bracket kit
  • Drive guard
  • Alternative voltage and frequency
  • Alternative degree of motor protection
  • Control panel
  • Main drainage
  • Pipe washing system
  • Pipe heating system
  • Discharge module heating


  • Bag-clamping system
  • Endless tube
  • Outlet support collar



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The synonym for cement feeding and conveying in concrete batching plants.
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