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Wastewater Screw Pumps PA

More than 1,200 units running worldwide


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Since the late 1970s WAMGROUP has supplied more than 1,500 Archimedean Water Screw Pumps all over the world reaching diameters of up to four metres.
Minimum maintenance required
Minimum maintenance required
Constant efficiency over time
Constant efficiency over time
Applicable with contaminated waters containing solids
Applicable with contaminated waters containing solids

Technical Specs


in 1978 WAMGROUP started manufacturing PA-type Archimedean Water Screw Pumps. By the mid 1980s the Company had gained a leading position among European manufacturers due to the acquired know-how and expertise in production technology. Only logistic problems could stop the factory topping their triple pitch 3.2 metre diameter, 21 metre long, and more than 20 ton weighing monster powered by a 370 kW drive supplied in 1984 to a municipal waste water treatment plant in Rome.
In recent years the demand for Water Screw Pumps has increased again after a temporary slump in the 1990s. In spring 2014, RONCUZZI set a new record producing three Archimedean screws having a diameter of 4 metres each.
Wastewater Screw Pumps


Archimedean Water Screw Pumps are a special type of volumetric pump, able to satisfy users’ requirements as regards favourable investment and running costs, flexibility and reliability. In these machines the flow rate varies automatically depending on how much the screw is submersed. The flow rate can be modified by adjusting the speed without moving its yield too far from the maximum value.
PA Archimedean Water Screw Pumps are used in waste water treatment, in drainage and irrigation applications, in the food packaging industry, and generally whenever water (even if containing suspended solids) has to be lifted.


  • Outside diameters up to 4 metres (13 ft)
  • Flow rates up to 4,500 litres per second (160 cu ft per second)
  • Single, double or triple flight
  • Drive power installed up to 500 kW (680 HP) and more


  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Constant efficiency over time
  • Applicable with contaminated waters containing solids


PA Archimedean Screw Pumps for Oil Refineries


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